Well-Designed Dressings for High Exudate Wound by Winner Medical

Well-Designed Dressings for High Exudate Wound by Winner Medical

Designed for the treatment of highly exudative wounds, high exudate wound dressing offers higher fluid management than traditional foam dressings, reducing exudate leakage and surrounding skin ulceration problems. Winner Medical manufactures high-quality high exudate wound dressing.

Desirable properties of a high exudate wound dressing include:

High absorption capacity

Prevention of exudate leakage

Prevention of exudate penetration into the dressing

Protects skin from maceration/skin peeling

Can be used for long periods

Reduces trauma and pain during dressing changes

Comfortable and snug fit, less likely to cause allergies.

Why high exudate wound dressings are needed

High exudate wound dressing has been found to perform well in the treatment of more severe exuding wounds, reducing patient pain levels and significantly improving patient quality of life.

Traditionally, foam dressings are considered to be the most absorbent dressings because they are designed to absorb wound exudate, prevent penetration, and reduce the frequency of dressing changes.

However, when the level of exudate exceeds the absorptive capacity of a foam dressing, it is important to assess whether the current dressing can reduce the risk of peripheral skin maceration. For example, evidence of exudate leakage and too frequent dressing changes may indicate the need to change to a high exudate wound dressing.

High exudate wound dressing from Winner Medical contains all of the above-included properties and is the first choice for the treatment of highly exudative wounds.


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