Introducing the Selfie Museum


Selfie museums have already been popping up around the globe – but what are they? Why do we only love taking selfies anyway? I’ll be talking about all these things and more – plus filling you in how Nevada residents and Sin City visitors will get lucky with one of many 10 best things to do in Las Vegas. Spoilers: it’s the Las Vegas selfie museum.

Why do we like taking selfies?

It’s okay – you can admit it. We’re all involved with selfies. Each people takes on average 450 a year! That’s plenty of photos of ourselves and our friends, but let’s face it, having a cute picture isn’t what it’s all about.

If I will get philosophical for another, the selfie represents a distinctive moment in time. It’s something to fairly share, something to check back on. A snapshot selfie world las vegas  of an excellent memory, an excellent look.

This is exactly why selfie museums have already been popping up over the world. No, they’re not filled with framed photos of Kim Kardashian – they’re photo factories where you could have a great time with the folks you value and take some awesome selfies while you’re at it.

Where can I locate a selfie museum near me?

If you’re stateside – you’re in luck. There are lots of selfie museums over the US. From Seattle to Austin, Miami to Baltimore. And across the world you’ll find these amazing photo factories in influential cities like Naples, London and Dubai. Naturally all of them took a winner during the pandemic, but now the trend is snapping back.

It’s not as recent as a phenomenon as you might think, the very first appeared in New York City in the past in 2015 as a temporary art installation, but as phone cameras became better and better and the social media economy exploded, permanent selfie factories began being built-in cities near and far from the big apple.

But for my money, I’ll bet this 1 of the greatest is in none other than the casino capital of the world itself. Solution in the dry heat of the Nevada desert, the Las Vegas selfie experience is being taken to another location level. What goes on in Vegas no longer has to stay in Vegas, it could head straight onto the trending page of Instagram.

What’s the Las Vegas Selfie Museum?

Well, it’s not really a place for influencers to take a VIP tour (and selfie after selfie) in a series of electric, mind bending rooms and amazing, eclectically designed photo sets. It’s a complete experience: a premier rated interactive museum located at the heart of the strip. The selfie photo rooms cover all aesthetics and every vibe – high grade like Fergie in the cabin of an exclusive jet, or splashing about in the emoji pool. Yes, that’s a ball pit filled with plastic emojis. It’s not really a place for cute couple pics (although you’re guaranteed to obtain plenty of those) – there’s fun available for the whole family.

Like axe throwing, escape rooms and indoor mini golf; selfie museums are simply another in the line of interactive days out for us to get free from the heat (or the rain) and have a great time with great company. So why don’t you give it a take to? And be sure to share your inevitable selfie masterpiece with the world.

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