Home Poker Games Vs Casino Poker Games


One of the biggest mistakes people make is that all poker games are the same. There is a huge difference between different poker games and that is important to understand. More specifically; the difference between a home game and a Casino game is important to understand. You have to understand that a home game is more then likely going to be a lot different then a Casino game in a variety of different ways.


The first thing that is different may be some of the rules. Depending on how serious your home game is, there are probably going to be different rules. The basic rules of the game are all still the same but they are very strict in a Casino. In a home game there are a lot of different things that people usually won’t mind that could get you in trouble at a Casino. For example, it is a strict rule to keep your cards on the table. In a home game you might see a lot of people with their cards on there lap and all over the place. This is the kind of thing that you just cannot do in a Casino.

Another thing that people have a problem with when they play at a Casino for the first time is protecting their cards. Casinos have a strict rule that your hand will be dead if it goes anywhere close to the middle of the table. If the cards touch the middle it is considered a muck and your cards will be dead. There have been plenty of incidents at Casinos where people have flipped their 피망 머니상 cards at the end of a hand and threw them in the middle to show what they have. It doesn’t matter if they are showing a Royal Fulsh; if those cards hit the muck, the hand is dead.

There are a lot of different rules that you must know but those are just a couple of examples. The point is that there are a lot of differences. You must make sure you know the rules before you decide to start playing. Most of the times you will learn by making mistakes yourself or seeing others make them first. You just do not want to be the one that is losing because of the lack of protection to the cards.


There are plenty of bad players at the Casino but you can be sure that there will probably be more good players there than at you home game. Unless you have a home game filled with great players and high stakes, you are going to see a big difference in the competition. Players at the Casino tend to take it a lot more serious then most home games. The idea of a home game is to have fun and relax as a friendly event. At the Casino, it is still suppose to be fun but people look at it differently. To many of the players at those tables the money is the most important thing. They have one goal and that is to make as much money as they possibly can.

Overall, poker is poker and you will be just fine converting over to a Casino game if you have never done so before. There are just a few things to keep in mind before you dive into a poker game at a Casino and decide to take your game o the next level. Even once you start playing in a Casino you will find that the differences in the games vary a lot from table to table. The best way to learn is to get the most experience that you can possibly get.

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