Furniture Moving – Doing It Yourself

In a best-case scenario, you’ve prepared for this moment. You called a good furniture moving company and reserved their services for the big day. At the very least, you told your friends you could use some help, and they agreed to come over in exchange for a few beers and a slice of pizza. But things don’t always work according to the best-case scenario. Besides, maybe you aren’t really moving so much as you are rearranging. Do you really want to call out the professionals to help you move the couch from the living room into the den? Probably not. Here are some tips you can use to do it yourself.

Take It All In

You’ve heard the phrase “failing to plan is planning to fail,” of course شركة نقل عفش. While this advice is typically given in life situations somewhat more all encompassing than furniture moving, it applies here as well as anywhere else. Take a good look at what you’re preparing to do and make sure you have a plan. It doesn’t do to start pushing a dresser towards the door if it isn’t going to fit through said door in the first place. Make your measurements if necessary, remove drawers, clear the surface, and do anything else you need to do to take control of the situation.


Just because no one is helping you with the move doesn’t mean you can’t enlist some mechanical help. Some of the best tools you can use are sliders, which slip under the feet of your couch or dresser and allow them to move much more easily than they would without them. Of course, that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of using sliders. One of the better advantages is that it will prevent those wooden or metal legs from tearing up your floors along the way. If you don’t want to spend the money for professional sliders, you can use a rug or even a few rags as a decent replacement.

Wheels Are Your Friend

Even professionals in the furniture moving game try to do things while exerting the least amount of effort possible. The hand dolly is one of the best tools you can use in this situation. It gives you the unrivaled power of that age-old invention: the wheel. If you can slide the dolly up underneath whatever it is you need to move and kick it back into position, you’ll find it much easier to move. For smaller pieces, you may even be able to use a wagon or anything else with wheels and a sturdy base.

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