Maxwell Technologies – The Leading Provider of Energy Storage and Power Delivery Solutions


Maxwell Technologies is headquartered in San Diego, USA and for yesteryear 45 years, Maxwell is a huge global leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing in energy storage and power delivery solutions. The existing president and chief executive officer is David J. Schramm and the senior vice president is John J. Warwick. Together and with a group other individuals, they lead the organization in being industry leaders in the following markets:

Ultra capacitors- Ultra capacitors are devices which can be utilized in multiple applications such as for example hybrid buses, semi-trucks, hybrid and electric cars, electric trains, aircraft, energy grid, lifting loads, and backup power systems. These devices store and discharge energy very quickly. They complement a main energy source like an internal combustion engine, fuel cell or battery that cannot repeatedly provide quick bursts of power. They provide green alternative energy. The ultra capacitors product line contains the following:

PC10 series, HC series, D cell series, K2 series, 16 volt small modules, 16 volt large modules, 48 volt modules, 56 volt UPS modules, 75 volt power modules, 125 volt transportation modules, 160 volt modules, and engine start module.
Microelectronics- Maxwell Technologies offers the absolute most up-to-date technical information and resources as they connect with our microelectronic solutions for space. The microelectronics product line contains the following:

High Voltage- High Voltage capacitors are designed and manu TMW Maxwell factured to do reliably for decades in most climates. These products for this line usually are utilized in living tank and gas insulated switchgear circuit breakers for voltage distribution uniformity, dead tank switchgear circuit breakers for increasing the breaking power, generator breakers of power plants in addition to capacitive voltage transformers for precise voltage measurement. The high voltage product line consist of the following:

Maxwell Technologies has provided reliable energy by having an environmental focus. On November 10, 2013, Maxwell Technologies announced that their super capacitors are still being utilized in Chinese hybrid buses. With the usage of the capacitors, the buses will decrease the weight of the automobile and extend the range, making the buses overall more efficient. Check out Maxwell Technologies for more significant developments in the near future such as the one mentioned above.

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