10 Most recent IELTS Reading exams with answers

10 Most recent IELTS Reading exams with answers

In this article, you will know how to deal with IELTS reading exam and the most recent IELTS  the development of the london underground railway reading answers reading exams questions and answers to prepare for your test at home.

How to practice IELTS Reading effectively at home

IELTS reading is a very easy skill to learn if you have a correct and reasonable method of learning ielts online . Find out with how below.

1. Reading Passage 1

Common types of questions in IELTS Reading Part 1: T/F/NG, Completion – Tasks (Table Completion, Note Completion, Flow-chart Completion, Labeling a diagram), Short-answer Questions.

Steps to take the IELTS Reading Part 1:

  1. Identify keywords in the question.
  2. Locate information to read in the article based on keywords.
  3. Carefully read the information in the article and answer the questions (avoid reading information that is not related to the keyword/question).


  • Keywords: noun, verb, adjective, question word, negative word, proper name noun (person, place), number (day, month, number).
  • T/F/NG questions will follow the order of information in the lesson.
  • In the reading passage, there are often substitute words “this/that/these/those/it/ etc.”, so always ask the question “What word does this replace?”.

2. Reading Passage 2

Common types in IELTS Reading Part 2: Matching Headings, Matching Information, Matching features, Sentence Completion, Summary Completion.

How to do the test in IELTS Reading Part 2: read the first paragraph, do all the sentences related to that passage and do the same with the rest of the passages. For example, Reading Passage 2 has 3 lessons (Matching Headings + Matching features + Summary Completion):

  • Paragraph 1:
    • B1: Determine the Heading of the paragraph.
    • B2: Find all the names of people given in the Matching features song that appear in the paragraph.
    • B3: If the person’s name does not appear, skip to paragraph 2 to read. If the name appears, carefully read the surrounding content, compare it with other sentences in the article, if it matches the information, choose the answer, if it does not match, skip paragraph 1.
  • Other paragraphs: do the same as paragraph 1.
  • Summary Completion:
    • identify the rewritten passage based on keywords,
    • read carefully and compare the available and missing information,
    • identify the missing information and choose words from the article to fill in the blanks
    • After reading the passage Finally, go back to the confused places Heading to finalize the answer.

3. Reading Passage 3

Common types in IELTS Reading Part 3: Y/N/NG, Summary Completion with a Box, Multiple-choice Questions, Matching Sentence Endings.

  • Y/N/NG form: methods and rules are similar to T/F/NG form but it will be more difficult.
  • Matching Sentence Endings form in order from top to bottom (identify keywords in Sentence Beginnings to locate information that needs to be read in the passage carefully to find the answer).

Note in IELTS Reading Part 3: Reading Passage 3 delves into deep reading comprehension with difficult and abstract vocabulary; Sometimes we find the location of information, read the information carefully but still do it wrong. You have a goal of 6-6.5, so you should focus on Passage 1 and 2, those with higher goals need to learn vocabulary carefully, especially understand the nuances of words (the writer praises or criticizes).

Summary of 10+ most recent IELTS Reading exams questions and Answers

To help you study IELTS Reading preparation materials at home, we have compiled 10+ most recent IELTS Reading test questions in the following list with detailed answers with locations. You can check them:

  1. the thylacine reading answers
  2. bats to the rescue reading answers
  3. driverless cars reading answers
  4. to catch a king reading answers
  5. the development of the london underground railway reading answers
  6. why we need to protect polar bears reading answers
  7. does education fuel economic growth reading answers
  8. a second attempt at domesticating the tomato
  9. stadium past present and future reading answers
  10. insight or evolution answers

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